Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ah, Beautiful Masochism

Delving two days into the work week I am realising how I am not cut out to work ~70 hours a week. With the addition of last weekend I worked all 7 days and almost 70 hours total last week. With no reprieve to speak of, I dove into this week feeling as if I was run over by a semi. I have been sleeping my usual 7-8 hours a night however I just do not feel recovered. Now it is Tuesday and I still feel like the clouds in my brain haven't cleared much.

My mom made it through her surgery just fine. What a trooper she is! It's that Russian ox-like strength (stubbornness) that shines through in moments such as these. The doc even gave her his cell number afterwards, if she 'needed anything' (like wine/dinner/movie)...I personally think the man was hitting on her ;)

This past weekend we had an open house/expo at the bike shop so everyone was scheduled to work the entire weekend. After her surgery and recovery I drove Mom to my place (I had her recover there - easier with the dogs rather than driving 30 miles to her place everyday) I put her in bed, fed, played with dogs for about two minutes and it was off to the bike shop until 10pm. Around 9ish we started drinking beer (with our customers - loving this job already). After consuming three bottles of fine brewed adult beverage I ran to Weg's for some necessities then home, play with dogs, and sleep. The next morning I got up around 6am and went to work all over again.

Most days I am awake by 6am at the latest, but on the weekends I think 7am is my sleep-in time. So to wake up that early everyday of the week was, by Sunday, proving to be a bit difficult. But the motivation came from knowing I was going to a fun place, to ride bikes, talk to cool people, and see My Future Boyfriend (*sigh*) . After Friday's 5+ hour shift in addition to two 10 hour days, however, I was exhausted!

All day yesterday I was just dragging my carcass around trying to be a productive member of my office but my brain cells felt like they were wading through mud. Today, the mud has become more like a dirty stream, definitely less viscous, yet still cloudy with sediment. Perhaps tomorrow it will be clear and flowing, but I wouldn't hold my breath as I am determined to bike to the rock gym, climb and perhaps enjoy a cerveza afterwards with the girls. To be determined...


flahute said...

Tossed over for a Specialized ... <sigh> ... oh well, I guess I can't win'em all.

But I can keep trying to wine'em all!

Ari said...

95 Mondavi Reserve Cabernet, please...I will put it in my water bottle and take it on my ride with my future BF. NICE!