Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never

It's over. Thanksgiving is over. The food has long been digested and the few days off from work have been enjoyed. I have been so engrossed with my daily grind that I couldn't even put "pen to paper" to express what I am thankful for. Proposal submitted, work-out skipped, now it's time and there's no time like the present, so here goes.

My health most importantly, for without it, I would not be able to enjoy the quality of life that I have. I am grateful everyday that I have the physical ability to ride my bikes, climb rocks and trees, run multiple miles without (too much) pain, play with my doggies in the park, etc. Trevor had the swine yet I, with my superior genetic health, beat it! Not a runny nose, not even a fever. Sweet, right? I thought so, but I think that makes me a carrier, which I'm not too crazy about...meh, I still never got it! Mental health? Well, that's an entirely different issue (I am thankful for that, I suppose, as well :)

My family. As dysfunctional as we all are, I know I can count on some of them when needed. Some is better than none, right? The fact that we are scattered across the globe helps immensely!

My friends. Through the ups and downs, the times past and present, I know who I can truly count on and those that can truly count on me. Unlike my family, I know they will all be there when needed. The fact that we are scattered across the globe doesn't help, but I think it makes me appreciate them that much more.

My "kids". I do not have children. I do not want children. I have pets, they are my children. I know, I am on the road to becoming a crazy "dog/cat" lady. I am ok with that! My two dogs and cat I would be lost without. Each day, no matter how long I leave them for each day, they greet me with such happiness when I return. That's truly the best expression of unconditional love!

The best for last - I am so thankful for my partner. I cannot say enough to iterate exactly how grateful I am to have such an amazing man in my life. Each day I am thankful for having him there to support me, listen to me, offer me advice, just be there. He has made me see the world in a different light.

I know there are so many other things that I am thankful for. The aforementioned list are the ones most important to me. They are the ones, if I had nothing else, that would keep me going. Who could ask for more than that?

Monday, November 16, 2009


Some days I feel as if I am standing in a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs but no one hears me...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday To...

Whoa it's been a while yet again. In previous posts, I already admitted that I am inconsistent, so I am going no further with trying to defend myself. Ok, well maybe a little towards my defense (from whom am I defending myself from, anyway?). Regardless, I have been busy remodeling my kitchen and taking classes, both of which have come to an end (thank god). So now it's back to just my regular busy life not the extra busy life. At least I have a better recall of my college math as well as a sweet "new" kitchen to drink coffee in!

I have yet to post my pics from our trip to New Paltz and the Catskills and more importantly the most incredible mountain biking of October at Peekskill/Blue Mountain. I will get around to that, meh, in about two weeks or so.

Anyway today is Trevor's 30th birthday! (I think he is the only person that reads my blog anymore, and even that is questionable). Big day for him and an even bigger day for me! Why? Well, because he is now in my age bracket. That's right, I am no longer a cougar today. Most know that Trevor is a little bit younger than me, just a smidge. The difference is negligible, however, being in your twenties is slightly different than being in your thirties. That said, he is now in his thirties, as I have been for...just a little while...only a couple of....months, yes, months. In all reality, it doesn't matter how old I am, after all today is not about me, it's about him. I only hope he has a most wonderful day! Happy Birthday, Trevor!