Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
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Friday, August 22, 2008


Work week:


It gets easier JuJu!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog Days

My dog is going crazy - doggie dementia is what I call it. Canine cognitive disorder is what the vet calls it. That paired with a tumor, my 12+ year old dog is going crazy. In the process he is slowly driving me crazy. Crazy due to lack of sleep because his symptoms become most active at, oh between midnight and 3 a.m. (I think after 3 he has usually worn himself out - or perhaps I just pass out by then, so I have no idea when he actually settles down). Crazy because I can do nothing to soothe him. Crazy because he has gone from being my bestest buddy to a most insufferable enemy - and that in turn makes me hate myself because he can't help his behaviour any more than I can help but be upset that I am lacking sleep.

Not sure where this is going, I just needed to vent....

Poor Buddy.
Poor me.

There are people starving in the world, global warming, lack of clean drinking water, pollution, incurable illnesses...reminders that my problems are very minuscule comparatively speaking.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Must Have Carbon

Somehow it has become apparent to me that I am not cut out to work in excess of eight hours a day. If I do, however, end up in the graces of 'the man' for such an extended period of time, it is most necessary for my mental well being (as well as the mental well being of those around me) that I have enough energy or the time to exercise, eat properly and sleep well. If the latter goals are not met, the results are most disastrous.

This week my life has been lacking all three of the most essential aspects which make me a happy and easy going individual. Good food, sleep and riding bikes.

Just short of a breakdown, I knew it needed to be remedied. Yesterday after working only an eight hour day (what a concept) I finally got to ride the carbon bike that's been parked in my basement for the entire week. The thought of it leaning against that cold cement wall, sitting idle, made my stomach churn with pain not only for the bike but for myself who needed to ride it. In fact, T$ had to make the sacrifice to take it out for a run on Tuesday just so it wouldn't grow cob webs on it. Such a travesty should never be allowed to happen! No worries, I have made amends with the bike gods and rode it last night. And what a ride it was.

The bike is on loan to me from one of our reps - what a great gesture, really. It's his own personal bike and he let me use it. Nice. The bike climbs like a champ, even with a double crank. I didn't think I could handle it, but I climbed up most things that I would with my triple. Perhaps it was the lighter weight carbon frame that helped me climb, perhaps it was just me feeling the need to get more than four days of aggression out of my system. Regardless, the bike was a billy goat and I was a more mentally sound individual afterward, as a result. It's going to be tough to go back to riding Boris and his heavy, hard-tailed, alloy-framed self. Oh well at least I will have the memories of the Sweet Carbon Cannondale to get me through my next bought of work-related-life-enjoying-depletion. Now to work on the good food and good sleep part...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008


The Rochester Omnium began today - one of this city's (very) limited redeeming events. Can't wait for tomorrow nights crit! That and riding the course for the Suicide Six course on Sunday morning...and what a course it is. Yikes. Well, those are my exciting plans. Have a great weekend as I intend to do just that!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tagged A While Ago

I am I was just reading Alaskan Julie's blog and realised that I was tagged, oh like over two weeks ago, to fill out this questionnaire. Better late than never, right?

If you could have any one — and only one — bike in the world, what would it be?
Oh man, this is a most impossible question for me to answer, seeing as how I am quickly on my way to becoming a bike hoarder. I can't see myself spending the rest of my life on only one bike, I just can't. There it is the ugly, cold, hard truth in writing on the inter web for all to see. I feel so naked right now...

If you had to choose one — and only one — bike route to do every day for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
Once again, there is no only one...does one 'area' count? Like if I said I would ride somewhere, like say, the Alps for the rest of my life - is that one route? :-D

What kind of sick person would force another person to ride one and only one bike ride to to do for the rest of her / his life?
Evil, sadistic, vile...

Do you ride both road and mountain bikes? If both, which do you prefer and why? If only one or the other, why are you so narrow minded?
I do ride both and proudly, I might add. While I am a far cry from a true roadie or an h-core downhiller, I have found that, this summer especially, I am totally obsessed with mountain biking. In fact, I think I will be buying a new mountain bike well before I can muster up the funds for a new (Cervelo?) road bike...but then there is also the Big Dummy in my sights for an impending road trip (in the Alps?). Back to the 'If you could only have one bike' question - NEVER!!!! (insert evil laugh here). I will hoard bikes like most women hoard shoes. (more evil laughter).

Have you ever ridden a recumbent? If so, why? If not, describe the circumstances under which you would ride a recumbent.
I have. A friend of mine rides and I tried it last year. Not for me, but it sure was a comfy ride. If you could install a tv tray in front of you and eat while you ride, I would be adding a Rans to my hoarding dream list!

Have you ever raced a triathlon? If so, have you also ever tried strangling yourself with dental floss?
Ewwww. Why oh why would I ever want to jump into a filthy pond and try and make my way through the throngs of wet suits while the struggle for each breath makes me feel like I am drowning? The answer? I wouldn't. I don't like to swim. I should rephrase that, I love to swim, or float, or just be in the water. However the whole flapping your arms and legs about in a hurried manner to reach some sort of finish line just doesn't appeal to me. It makes me feel like a fish out of water - ironic, I know. Perhaps this is why fish have gills and humans have lungs.

Suppose you were forced to either give up ice cream or bicycles for the rest of your life. Which would you give up, and why?
I have already given up ice cream due to my lack of dairy digesting enzymes (sad, sad day for me), therefore this is a no brainer!

What is a question you think this questionnaire should have asked, but has not? Also, answer it. My question is... If you could ride your bike on any planet in the Solar System, which would it be and why?
A question of whether or not I should be doing this at work...I got nothing other than that. If I could ride my bike anywhere else in the solar system, I pick Earth. We can't breath on the other planets. Fish out of water syndrome all over again.

You’re riding your bike in the wilderness (if you’re a roadie, you’re on a road, but otherwise the surroundings are quite wilderness-like) and you see a bear. The bear sees you. What do you do?
I will calmly start by coaxing him over to me, kind of how you would call to a stray cat. Ksss, ksss, ksss. Then once he has lumbered over to me I would share my Clif shot bloks with him. Bears like Cran-Razz, right? After this, I am most certain, we will become fast friends. Subsequently, I would have to decide what to name him...perhaps Bernhard or Isiah - do bears like to be called Isiah? Nah, maybe Ezekiel...yeah. Then I would jump back on my bike and pedal off as Ezekiel would wave his big, burly paw good-bye to me. Until we meet again, E-Z (that's my nickname for him).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Who Needs Cake?

Happy Birthday to me! This is my birthday present to myself...well, in my dreams, anyways. I spent the better part of the morning and an hour and a half last night on this:Couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday. Yes, it was yesterday. I pretty much hate my birthday and try to run away to the woods each year to hide from the gruesome reality that I am one more year older and none the wiser. I figure if I hide, age won't find me thus leaving me in a perpetual state of youth. Yeah, youth - our inevitably, forever fleeting friend. When I was younger I longed to be older and now...well, I would never want to be younger again, only to allow my body to feel great each day and for my skin to never wrinkle (hey, I am a woman - isn't that what we all want? That and a great pair of carbon cycling shoes to match each bike?..oh wait, that's just me). I think young, I act young, people tell me I look young, but why do my knees tell me exactly how old I am each day. Oh well, I suppose glucosamine/chondroitin regimen it is.

Aside from my emotional melt down Saturday morning, I think my birthday weekend went quite well. I usually am a cranky/miserable mess a few days prior to and especially on the day of. Previous years of crankiness have been remedied by stifling my misplaced anger with a bottle of Goose, Dom or whatever was being served at Sali's on special. This year, however, I didn't drink - at all - on my birthday. Bear with me as I am still in shock about this. It is still quite an odd feeling, but in a way, I think I kind of like it. However, I most certainly didn't handle my 'messy' thoughts as positively. This all became painfully obvious Saturday at around 8:30 a.m. The day progressed to a slightly more numbing, bordering normal, feeling until finally in the evening I came out of my funk. (An amazing dinner with a handsome man and a playground adventure might have had something to do with it). I hate letting my mind get away with itself like that, but sometimes it's just how I operate. It tends to try the patience of the people closest to me...sorry T.

In all reality my birthdays are always just fine, no matter what I end up doing, it's my mental state that takes a nose dive. For some reason I have this irrational view on my age as if my body's mileage counter will click over and simultaneously the engine will quit all the while I will realise that the warranty had expired. In other words, I just don't want to ever wake up old, fat and unfulfilled. But then I reevaluate my actual life and it is completely not that way at all. I have an amazing life and lots of opportunities to improve upon the things that don't fulfill me at the moment. So, it all comes down to me fucking with my own head.

No matter, all those thoughts were a long lost memory last night as T and I rode through Dryer by the light of our TriNewts. Right before we rode out we stopped at the top of the hill and turned out our lights - it was amazing how each star so brightly speckled the night sky. Best birthday candles ever!

Money Wasting Hilarity

This is what happens when you have some extra cash, an unnatural relationship with your cat and predictably no friends...

For more information on how you too can make your cat look ridiculous, please go to: