Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
Sock on the Great Wall

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Sit There and Look Pretty

Forgot about this until I actually looked at the pics I have on myspace...good memories of a couple of visits ago to SLC (this is actually Deer Valley).
Look at these two lovely, ladylike, delicate flowers. Sitting so gracefully atop a mountain waiting for their princes to come along.
Nah - we're just taking a breather after racing to the top before we killed it running back down at full speed! Princes, huh? Only if they can catch us...and when they do they better be ready for a foot race!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sock's New Endevours

Sock has been spotted recently...after receiving a picture of him doing some route mapping, he was found to be somewhere up north around Lake Champlain...Vermont or Canada?


I have been slacking on my blog writing duties and for good reason. I need to recover from the weekend. I should re-phrase that, by recover I don't mean from an old fashioned bender or from too many late nights of pool playing and beer drinking. My recovery is that of a different nature. I need a day to come back down to earth and regain my thoughts :) To be continued...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From Russia With Love

It's true Russians love their vodka...did you know that they love their wine just as much? This is a "Vino-Theque" kind of like a super market just for wine. Brilliant!

Taos Dreams

I woke up this morning dreaming of Taos. Not exactly sure what spurred those thoughts, but they were just there in my head - something must have triggered them. I have been racking my brain all morning trying to find the catalyst - to no avail. Usually really crisp, cold nights where the sky is a black canvas mottled with little flecks of white, shimmering paint brings my mind back to Taos. Or mornings when the air is biting and dry and the rays of sun are a welcoming warmth to the snowy landscape. But this morning it was cold, damp, windy and rainy - typical Rochester and even more so contrasting to New Mexico. Maybe it has been my need for the mountains or perhaps my anticipation of the winter snows and skiing. Not sure but I know I miss it. Maybe later the reason will come to me. I suppose for now I will just enjoy the files brought out by my memory banks.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lessons from Sergei

Sergei is my favourite dog - yes I have favourites...if you know them both then you know why. This morning brought grey skies, damp, cold air and a light dusting of snow. Now being from the northern part of New York State I have grown up with the tundra like conditions bestowed upon us for the greater part of the year. It doesn't get easier to get acclimated to the cold however. So today when taking the dogs out at 6 a.m. I grumbled under my breath about the freezing cold and crap weather when simultaniously looking at Sergei get all excited about it.

Each year when the first snow falls he can not contain his excitement and today was that day. It was as if this 11 year old dog had jumped into the snowy fountain of youth. I couldn't get him or his crazy sister back in the house (couple of dog treats finally did the trick). Many years before I had rescued Sergei (or maybe he rescued me?) I hated winter and hated even more to be cold - even with all the winter sports I had participated in. Almost 11 years later, I find myself getting more and more excited for the first snow. I have found that I love the winter (skiing aside - that's just my crazy adrenaline fix) and all that you can do in it. I have also found that Sergei has passed on his view of the world to me. Sounds crazy, I know, but in his simplified dog's view of the world he has simplified mine. So the lesson from Sergei today is: IT'S SNOWING - LET'S PLAY!!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jello Flambe

After yesterday proving itself to be of great a many disappointments, today is going much more positively. I felt the need to scream yesterday - loud! But I didn't, instead a thorough cleaning of my house incorporated with an hour of spinning out proved to be more therapeutic. It was either that or a bottle of wine. For once the wine lost the battle and the results seem much more fulfilling than a hangover. The frustration is still there but my mind is more at ease. I have to realize that we don't always have control over what others do and that we can't, or shouldn't, defend our feelings. Those who we think we can count on, sometimes prove to us otherwise and those whom we would never consider prove trustworthy. The irony of it all is enough to make you laugh and cry all at the same time. (I, however, do not cry - it is for wusses). So I laughed - forcefully - after my legs felt like jello flambe. Such a beautiful feeling.

So with those thoughts I either find myself in denial or comforted. I would like to go with the latter, just for sanity's sake. As well as the sake of my state of mind being much more, shall we say, resilient today. As for tomorrow, I guarantee it will be even better!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Encounters - Biking in Philly

I consider myself a friendly person, in fact, I think I can be overly friendly sometimes. However when out at a bar I am the exact opposite. I don't do the meat market thing, I don't go to meet men, and I most certainly do not like any attention from random strangers who are looking to "get some". Once in a while, though, there are those random encounters that surprise me.

Not wanting to sit and watch football in my brother's apartment on a Saturday night, I begrudgingly took myself out to a local bar. Grabbing the last available bar stool with TV access, I ordered a beer and began watching the Flyers/Penguins game. After a few minutes the man to my left initiated conversation - at first I was a bit stand-offish. I am usually forwardly curt with anyone who tries to talk to me at bars. I am known as the Ice Princess back home for just that reason...however, either I was being nice because I was not in my comfort zone or I just didn't feel threatened - his efforts were reciprocated. Next thing we were playing pool, chatting and laughing like old friends. I realize that alcohol is an uninhibiting device for some...and perhaps that was one of the factors of our comfortable interaction that night...perhaps.

The next day he phoned to have lunch - alright - I love to eat, he was very nice and seemed to be a perfect gentleman, why not? He shows up at my brother's place with two bikes - a beautiful Cannondale road bike and an Alan track bike - YIKES! A man who is cool and knows bikes...dangerous combination for me - if he was a downhill skier I might have to propose - that's all right, no one's perfect. Anyway, so we ride throughout the city to the lunch spot. Have a great time - he's even more attractive today. How does that happen? I thought beer goggles don't work the next day? Regardless, it was an amazing time with an amazing random encounter. I don't know if I will ever see him again. I hope to...but only time will tell. If I don't I can still think about riding through the city with a cool guy, on a killer bike and smile till my face hurts :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm 21 Again!

This is what happens when you bend the truth about your gets grossly bent - 21?!?!?!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Short Fall Off the Wagon

Ok, so I have come to the painful realization that I am weak. Not physically weak, in that realm (when in top shape) I can hold my own - but mentally that's another story. My weaknesses are manifested in the forms of a great glass of dry, oaky, 1998 Reserve Cabernet or a Post Road Pumpkin Ale. The finer things in life are there for a reason - to be enjoyed.

When I got home Wednesday from climbing, I was all set to go in, shower up and check out for the night. The dogs had a great time at the rock gym as did I. My first day of detox felt great. Then I hear over the fence "Ari? Ari, grab a chair c'mon over. Do you want a beer?". My neighbors were having a small gathering over a fire pit...the battle began in my head. Do I want a beer? Hmmm, of course. "Ari, you are detoxing" angelic Ari said to my embattled brain. "But you only live once...and it is a nice night for a good beer by the fire" the little devil Ari said perched on my left shoulder. If you know me, then you know who almost always wins this battle. I think I threw the little angel Ari into the neighbors fire pit...and cracked open a most delicious Indian Pale Ale. Sometimes being weak has its delicious and thirst quenching high points.

Ok so I am not at a point where I want to give up alcohol. Do I really need to? I will just continue my eating a healthy diet and excercise - that's kept me going so far. After all I did get my trainer set up so I can jump on my road bike whenever I can't ride outside. . . I am not worried. Besides when I move to SLC Jennie will kick my ass if I am not in shape enough to keep up with her. If any of you know Jennie, that's motivation enough! Yikes!