Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

It's time to blog again. I have been sick for way too long it feels like (aside from going absolutely stir crazy) I have read every book, seen every movie and gone through every website that I can possibly stomach. Now it's time for me to write.

So lately, or perhaps it has always happened and it is just now that I am hyper aware of it, I have been hearing people talk about reflection and introspection. Statements such as these have been uneasy for me to accept and for a while I could not figure out why. Now it has become clear to my why, if you will be so kind as to follow my rambling thoughts from here on in.

I suppose these phrases to me are a cop out. The act of sitting and thinking about oneself, in itself, is so lame a concept. Why would one do that? Why would you want to sit around and dissect your life to that point? And to what point? Where does it stop? What is the end result?

My conclusion: I hate "talkers". Yes, I know, hate is a strong word, but if it fits... I think that these types of people sit around and think about themselves and think of how to improve and talk about possible options of paths and roads and blah blah blah. JUST FUCKING DO SOMETHING! That is the response of a "doer". Not to say I am a doer, I think I am a little of both in some respects, however I do not find myself sitting and wondering where my life is going. I find myself living my life and planning it out as it happens. My Grandparents were doers, my immediate family consists of doers, I try to surround myself with doers. Granted sometimes those things that we do don't always end up with the result we want and some of the things we want to do don't happen quite when or how we want them. But we can never say that we didn't try or that some opportunity missed us because we were too busy sitting around wondering what part of life will fall into our laps. Does not happen in reality!

Being sick I had some time to sit and lay down and sit some more until my ass and back hurt so much I couldn't sit anymore. This time was valuable for me - because it reminded me that I am not a sedentary person as well as made me that much more aware of how I need to be more of a doer. It also reaffirmed my beliefs that if you live your life as a project of constant improvement, keep moving into the direction you want to even if the immediate place is not exactly where you want to be, eventually it will all fall into place. Just keep moving.

Or you can sit around and reflect and introspect until life has passed you by and all you have are your empty words and thoughts to comfort you.


flahute said...

It's about balance ... one shouldn't just barrel through life without stepping back and contemplating to make sure that the choices you're making are the right ones for you.

This is even more true when you have a history of making the wrong decisions, like I do ...

The big issue is not allowing yourself to become frozen at the crossroads, so paralyzed with fear about making the wrong decision that you make no decision at all; which is the ultimate wrong decision, and a truly tragic way to live.

Ari said...

I don't consider my method of living to be equated to barreling. Just a constant (smooth) motion. As for history, it's history, obviously don't repeat same mistakes and learn from those you have made. Even if one decision was bad, it's still a learning one. I can honestly say I have never been frozen with fear. I pick a path always - and no matter what, it's always a good one :)

olga said...

Yeah, well, speaking of reflections...may be it's in the air?