Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wanna Run

Today's the kind of day I just want to scream. Not from pain or anger or fright...just scream. For release. To get it out. It's the kind of day where all of these things, inexplicable things, are jumbled so tightly inside that you just have to get them out - and now! They can't be talked through or justified...they just need to manifest themselves in a scream...or a killer the crazy snow storm that's going on right now. So I think I will do the latter, for fear of being seen as crazy if the former takes hold here at the office.

Only problem my right knee is a "little" fucked up...hmmm I think extra Ben-Gay, knee brace and some ibuprofen should do the trick. Perhaps afterwards the scream will come but in the form of actual pain - nothing like a little masochism to make you feel alive :-D Besides snow is cushy, right?
(*All rights to that photo belong to C.B. - Colorado Rock Star and Alpine Mountaineer Extraordinaire)


stickboy said...

Don't hurt yourself! You need those carbide tipped, running shoe grippers! It helps to scream while running as well -people really leave you alone!

PPhhhhttt! "Colorado Rock Star and Alpine Mountaineer Extraordinaire" You are too nice! I'm a rock climbing weenie! The only reason I can even climb is because I'm a skinny-assed, light weight who doesn't even fill out lyrca bike shorts!

That is a sweet pic though...Eisman Hut -awsome ski day!

Anonymous said...

I use something called salonpas for my knees. They're pain patches my acupuncturist hooked me on...all natural ingredients and they work.

flahute said...

I'm really digging the Sombra that my chiropractor gave me for my knees and shoulder ... typical menthol/camphor cream, with capsaicin as a warming agent, along with some other homeopathic ingredients.

Ari said...

Cool advice, guys - thanks I will check both out...I am trying everthing to avoid the medical alternative (surgery - YIKES). It actually doesn't feel too awful bad today.

Ari said...

and CB you are a total rockstar! And don't advert the fact that you can't fill out lycra - the girls might get the wrong idea :-D

Anonymous said...

what about some of that herbal stuff?

I heard it great for all kinds of pain.

Ari said...

Funny Jorge, but isn't that for glaucoma? Yo no tomo drugas, Jorge. Au natural, baby! Besides if there are no bones sticking out nor are you gushing blood - you're not hurt bad enough! Pain threshold is mostly mental.

Anonymous said...

Si yo también. Yo solo tomo drogas cuándo me duele la cabeza y cuando yo tengo que ir a la casa de mi mama porque ella me vuelve loco de ves en cuando

For pain I found that trying to ignore it makes it worse but if I focus on it and observe it as a my friend then the pain becomes a different experience. Well sometimes.

Ari said...

So Jorge, what sorts of things do you do to hurt your head? Drink too much perhaps? And the only way to not let your mom drive you crazy is to drink excessively - ok, so either way you lose...but at least you get to run w/ a nice buzz :)