Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence

Trials,Tribulations, Travels, Tastings...and Occassional Transcendence
Sock on the Great Wall

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love and Snow

It has been snowing here for several days straight. For me it is heaven - at least heaven the way I would imagine it to be. To me there is nothing more beautiful than the world encased in the perfect brilliance of a snowfall. Running through the park the other day was affirmation of that belief. Not another soul was in this 900 acre oasis that day. In a way being alone in the park was amazing, but somehow in another way it kind of saddened me. Why are more people not loving this? Oh yeah it's because I live in Rottenchester. Hmmmm.

So the problem with this city (there are many - bear with me as I am about to focus only on one) is that most of the people here don't enjoy the climate. There's a loaded statement - the climate here pretty much sucks most of the year. It's too hot in the summer (that's why God invented kayaks and the Lake!), it's too cold and rainy in the spring and fall (best inventions ever = Goretex and Wellies), and it's way too cold and snows too much in the winter (OMG that's why we ski, snowshoe, run in the snow, have sheep shearling....AAARRRGGGGG).

So as I was shoveling my driveway - for the 5th time in two days - not that I need it shoveled as my bad ass Subaru can go pretty much into ~4' of snow (after 4' I def need to shovel) - those were the thoughts running through my head. Yes I will agree that Rochester is a far cry from a perfect city. I always said that if there was a 12,000 ft. mountain set right next to Lake Ontario I would never even consider leaving - but there isn't so I do. I just get so annoyed when people bitch about the snow and the cold and the rain and the....Fucking MOVE! Don't heat up my chill! For now I am stuck in this purgatory and all you guys are stuck in it with make the best of it and stop wrecking my temporary glimpses of heaven!


flahute said...

Move to Utah, and I promise I'll try not to bitch about the summer heat too much ...

We have at least 3 perfect seasons here, but coming from San Francisco, I tend to melt when it gets above 85, and a good chunk of our summers will hover around 100.

Julie said...

There are other crazies here in Rock City that enjoy the snow. I think that would explain my midnight adventure with my headlamp and a pair of snowshoes in Mendon last night. Nothing wrong with that. Gorgeous. Big fluffy snow. I think this could be why I dont have any of my Christmas shopping done yet. Priorities. But if you could work on getting mountain moved that would be great. And the "cliffs" at little falls dont count.

Mother Theresa said...

Don't heat up my chill.....I like that....I may have to borrow it! Lots of beauty out there that most people don't take the time to see. Too bad actually.